Things to keep in mind when purchasing a commercial dishwasher

If you own a restaurant business you know how important it is to make use of clean utensils. You definitely do not want to lose your customers by serving their meal in a dirty plate. Not being careful about the hygiene of your restaurant or cafe can have a negative impact. This is why it is important to invest in the cleanliness of your kitchen. You need to purchase appliances which will not fail you and these include a commercial dishwasher which is an essential piece of equipment for all busy kitchens.

Why you should invest in a commercial dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are an essential item especially in the food service industry because they help move things along faster and do a better job at cleaning the dishes. Even though it may seem like a major investment at the beginning but it can help you save money on labour cost and also speed up the operation of your kitchen work. Most commercial dishwashers are portable and do not take up a whole lot of space so you wouldn’t have to worry about less space in your kitchen. Plates and glasses that are washed in the commercial dishwashers come out looking spotlessly clean. This means that your Cafe or your restaurant is working to make sure that it meets the sanitation requirements.

Features to look for in a commercial dishwasher

It is important that the dish washer has the right sanitary features and is useful to maintain the health and safety of your customers. Commercial dishwashers can clean the dishes, glassware and utensils quickly and also ensure that it meets the standard set up by the food authority. Look for equipment which makes use of hot water with temperature ranging from 110 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit. Hot water is essential to get rid of the bacteria and sanitize the utensils. It is also necessary to carry out a prior rinse of the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

If you own a small cafe or a restaurant and have a limited space in your kitchen you might want to consider using under counter dishwashers. This is helpful because the take up less space and have many benefit. These are pretty simple to use and also require less energy plus easy to install and affordable. It can help reduce water waste and therefore is more energy efficient.

On the other hand pass through Dish washer can wash more dishes on an hourly basis and save time. These dish washers have an overhead space system which can also help prevent rinse time for the dishes before they enter the washing cycle. However because of the bigger size they consume more energy and water compared to the under the counter systems. But all these are surpassed by its versatility and time saving. It can clean a fully stacked rack of dishes in less than 2 minutes.

Make sure you take the above mentioned things into consideration before purchasing a commercial dishwasher.