Things to keep in mind when purchasing dual battery kits

If you need extra power for your portable fridge, your safety lights and the radios while you are out camping by your 4wd it is important that you invest in a dual battery system. Most people make the mistake of using the single battery in order to power the camping equipment.  However, this can have a negative impact on the starter battery and you might be stranded in the middle of no where when the battery runs out of power.


What is a dual battery kit?

A dual battery kit provides a vehicle with a secondary battery along with the starter battery. The second battery acts like a power source for the extra gear and accessories in your vehicle. The dual battery system works when both the batteries function as two isolated systems. When the engine of the vehicle is running; the starter batteries will work along with the alternator to power the vehicle and the electronics. On the other hand when the engine is turned off it’s the second battery which provides all the power for the accessories attached to the vehicle. This means that you can keep your portable fridge, inverters and lights running without having to worry about the engine or the petrol running.

It is important for both the batteries to function independent of each other to ensure that the starter battery does not drain. The battery isolator also ensures that each of these batteries is charged the right way.

However you should keep in mind that there are certain isolators which allow both the starter and the second battery to work together which can boost the power to your vehicle. However not all isolators work this way and it is necessary that you have information regarding the isolator you are using in your 4wd.

The auxiliary battery is usually a deep cycle battery which is meant to repeatedly discharge and recharge without being damaged or without having an impact on its lifespan. A deep cycle battery is the best way to power your rig and rest assured that there is a consistent power supply available to you during your camping trip


The advantages of a dual battery kit

A dual battery system for any four wheel drives allows you to power the fridge and the radio along with the inverter even when the ignition is turned off. You wouldn’t have to worry about your battery being drained and it also increases the power which is available for the winch. It also offers you complete peace of mind because you wouldn’t have to worry about the primary battery failure. However it should be kept in mind that installing a dual battery system means extra weight on your vehicle. Also the cost of dual battery system can be too much for people who are on a tight budget. You may also need to speak with an expert mechanic so that they are able to guide you about the right kind of dual battery system for your vehicle. Make sure that you do proper research before installing a dual battery system in your 4wd.