Top Four Benefits of Hiring Scaffold Equipment

When it comes to acquiring scaffold equipment, there are two options available and that is either you hire it for a given period or you purchase a brand new one. Of course, some will go for purchase and others for hire, depending on their arguments.

But generally speaking, hiring scaffold equipment seems the best move as compared to purchasing a new set. This is because hiring a scaffold has a lot more benefits than when you purchase it.

Here are the main benefits of hiring scaffolds that are worth looking at.

Reasons why you should hire scaffolds

  • Saves money

One of the biggest advantages of hiring scaffolds is the fact that it saves you money. Purchasing a new set of equipment is expensive, especially if you need the longest and the larger one. Come to think of it this way, why should you purchase a new set of scaffold equipment that you will probably use once a year? It is financially unreasonable to buy scaffolds when you have the option to hire them at a half (or even lower) price than its buying price.

  • No maintenance or repair cost

Remember that scaffolds are subjected to wear and tear over time and if you decide to purchase a new one, you will have to plan for its maintenance and repair whenever the need arises. This means that you have to again set aside some money to meet the maintenance and repair costs.

On the other hand, if you choose to go for scaffolding hire adelaide, you are not responsible for their maintenance and repair costs. The cost of maintaining the scaffolds is left to the owner. The scaffold hiring company usually puts their items under insurance cover so that in case they are damaged during work, the insurance company will be liable for its maintenance and repair costs.

  • No storage space needed

Another sharp contrast that arises between the two ways of acquiring scaffolds is the need for storage space. If you purchase scaffolds, it means that you have to find a storage location for it because it is yours to keep. Hence, you have to rent a storage space if you do not have one in your place. This only serves to increase more challenges and costs.

However, when you hire scaffolds, you do not need to find a storage space for them because you will return them to the owner once you are through with your work. This means that you won’t incur the cost of renting a storage space.

  • Reduced liability

Lastly, hiring scaffolds reduces your liabilities because the company itself will use its means to deliver the scaffolds to your site, and also pick it up when you are through with it.

As also witnessed in the above points, hiring scaffolds greatly reduces your liabilities while increasing efficiency and convenience.

What to know before hiring scaffolds

Charges- the charges will vary depending on the period you are going to use the scaffolds. For example, if it is just for a day, then the fees will be calculated per hour, while the fees will be calculated daily if it is going to last for days.

Condition – you need to assess the condition of the scaffolds because faulty scaffolds can slow down your operations and even pose dangers to workers. You can also ask for testing before you allow them to carry the scaffolds to your place.