Why is concrete scanning essential in construction sites in Brisbane

Concrete scanning involves using a technology called GPR or ground penetrating radar. This is a non-destructive imaging using electromagnetic radiation pulses to provide images of the subsurface of any construction site. Concrete scanning helps one identify subsurface objects by capturing them using the scanner. Concrete scanning finds ferrous metals and anything that does not match concrete’s consistency; therefore, it can detect things like pipes, cables, ice, rocks, mesh, conduit, water and even slab thickness.

If you work on a construction site, this is among the activities you must carry out to avoid working on the site blindly. However, most construction workers think that concrete scanning in Brisbane is optional; this is why they work on construction sites without knowing what lies beneath them. Suppose you always work on a construction site. In that case, the following section will help you learn how concrete scanning can be necessary and why you should always carry out this activity before you start working on any construction site.

The Importance of Concrete Scanning on Construction Sites in Brisbane

If you are wondering why you  need to scan the concrete before you begin your construction works, the following are some of the reasons why concrete scanning in Brisbane is essential;

  • Provides an analysis of older structures whose plans are missing

Unfortunately, there were no strict rules about retaining building plans years back. Also, the retention of the plans depends on the person keeping such records and at times, they may need to find the building plans. Therefore, if you find yourself on a construction site where a building plan is missing, you need to start by scanning the site to determine whether previous contractors placed any subsurface objects. This way, you will not start penetrating the ground blindly, and you will know where these objects are placed.

  • It helps in retaining the structural integrity

At times, you will be working on a construction site where you will need to make a  hole through the slab walls to install air conditioning systems in the future. In such a case, you may cause damage to parts of the wall, especially if you do not know where the reinforcement and core are. However, specific concrete scanning in Brisbane allows you to know the building plan, and therefore, you will carry out your task without making changes to the original design of the building. In addition, when you know what the walls look like, your team will have an easier time carrying out the job, mainly because they cannot make unnecessary mistakes.

  • Enhances safety

One of the most critical reasons concrete scanning is essential is that it helps keep construction sites and their workers safe. Scanning can help you locate objects buried very deep below the surface. This means that before you start working on the site, you are sure of the objects you will come across, and this will help you know how to go about the penetration process without risking the safety of other people.

  • It helps prevent expensive rectification services

If you are penetrating the concrete blindly, you may damage some assets or the building you are working on. If anything like this happens, you will be held responsible, meaning you must incur rectification services. Concrete scanning helps you avoid causing any damage, so you will not spend any money rectifying any errors.

Why Hire Professionals for Concrete Scanning in Brisbane

Concrete scanning is essential and reliable for everyone working on construction sites. However, it would help if you always relied on professionals to offer concrete scanning services, mainly because they have the right tools and experience. Fortunately, you can always find the right professionals when you need concrete scanning services in Brisbane.